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Terrace glazing system

  • The system consists of horizontal slide rails, which are installed into floor and ceiling structures.
  • The slide rails are inclined outwards, which means that water will drain away through the drainage holes.
  • The clasp technology used in the vertical profiles makes doors easier to open and close.
  • The aluminium frames of the glass elements slide between the rails, making it effortless to move the glass.
  • When closed, sliding doors are sealed by the brush seal installed in the profiles.

Scaffolding for construction and installation work can be found in Machinery's product selection.



Purso building system solutions brochures are available in our material library.

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CE marked quality

The products of Purso's Building Systems Unit are designed and built in accordance with the requirements of EU legislation. Find more information about CE marking in the material library (login required).

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The elegant looks of the building systems and the functionalities preferred by customers grace the facades of many shopping centres and concert arenas, for example.

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