Napsu Design – The Sky is the Limit

Napsu Design creates endless possibilities for the facade design of buildings. Colour choices, the possibility to use 100% recycled material, and bending the louvre slats or changing their depth are all creative ways to affect the design, appearance and durability of a building. Inspiring patterns can be created with the Napsu system not only on walls, but also on roofs and ceilings – both vertically and horizontally. Napsu can also be used for public interiors.

Combine the Napsu Products in Any Way You Like

The Napsu system offers an opportunity to play with light and shadow. Different Napsu products can also be combined for creating a whole new look for the facade – or for landscaping the building to fit its environment. For instance, glass, lighting and wood can be integrated into the Napsu products in order to create location-specific architectural art. The Purso Building Systems can also manufacture new Napsu models quickly and in an inexpensive way to meet the needs and wishes of the architect.

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The Napsu facade system enables outstanding customised architectural solutions.

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