ECO Windows and Lift and Slide Doors

ECO Windows and Lift and Slide Doors

ECO product family offers energy efficient solutions for even the more challenging environments. The best thermal insulation performance in Europe, provided by the ECO products, is based on a polyurethane thermal break with an unparalleled U-value.

A Wide Range of Design Possibilities and First-Rate Functionality

Purso's high-quality ECO windows and sliding doors encourage creativity, as the architectural design possibilities they offer are vast and versatile. These products stand up to even the demanding conditions of Northern Europe and offer first-rate functionality and energy efficiency.

The Look of the Building Is Enhanced

Advanced technology, a wide range of options and various applications leave room for the architect's vision. The design and element choices of the ECO products enhance the unique look of the building – in accordance with the requirements of the location. The aluminium profile systems retain their elegant appearance for decades.

Lasting Sustainable Development

Purso's attractive ECO products are a long-lasting, ecological and cost-effective alternative. Purso offers high-quality solutions designed by Finnish professionals which guarantee an impressive exterior, and the windows and lift and slide doors can be equipped with the customer's desired functionalities. The ECO products represent sustainable development at its best.


LK75 ECO Windows – An Energy Efficient Choice

The inward opening LK75 ECO window system provides excellent thermal insulation.

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LK90 ECO Windows – High-Grade Thermal Insulation

The inward and outward opening LK90 ECO window system is a flexible choice for facade construction as part of the building's design.

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LK100 ECO Lift and Slide Doors – Open up New Views

The LK100 ECO lift and slide doors increase the amount of light, make room for new views and expand your interior space naturally to your balcony or patio.

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