LogiKal – Software for design, dimensioning and production

LogiKal software offers a solution for daily planning, dimensioning and manufacturing of aluminium structures. It is an easy and effective design tool for the users of Purso's building systems. LogiKal calculates required materials, manufacturing costs and U-values for doors, windows and facades, for example. Changes can be made to previously designed structures easily and quickly. 

purso_cal.jpgLogiKal calculates the total costs of the projects based on the designed elements and the material and work costs that are in the database. Different cost types (such as materials, overheads and wages) are itemised and presented clearly. You can specify the additional costs due to material loss or let the software calculate them. LogiKal can be used online, in which case the software, databases, works and settings are centralised on a server.

LogiKal has been implemented in co-operation with German Orgadata.